Do you want a sponsor?

Do you know how to ask?

Do you understand what your Marketing Partners want?

Do you know where the money comes from?


marketing-partner1Did you know SPONSOR is now extinct?

The New Slang Word is Marketing Partners

You are the extension for their company and brand.

Are you prepared to take on the responsibilities?

DSC_0055cInvest two, 2 hour sessions – morning, afternoon or evening classes available. 

These classes will make all the difference in your confidence and relationship with Marketing Partners.

We guarantee by completing these classes you will leave with multiple tips, tricks and skills to seal the deal. 

Join our class today and understand the new meaning of Marketing Partners and how they work.


We Answer All The Questions About

  • Take a Deeper Look Into Sponsoring Companies
  • Understand the Companys Marketing Budget
  • What Types of Companies are Interested &
  • What do they Have to Offer?
  • Understand What You Have to Offer a Company
  • Develop Your Race Team Brand
  • Uncover Opportunities Offered by Your Series
  • BUILD a Complete Sponsor Proposal!!
  • Delivering the Finished Package
  • Bonus: How to Interview Well + MORE!


We Answer All Your Questions About How to Fullfill your Sponsorship Responsibility

  • Marketing 101 with a Race Team Twist
  • Impressions, Impressions, Impressions
  • BUILD a Media List
  • Discovering Your Teams Media Person
  • Website vs Social Media + Tons of Social Tips!
  • How to Capitalize on Photos & Videos
  • HOW TO WRITE a Race Press Release
  • Monthly Recap Reports Keep You on the A+ List
  • Before, During + After Race Lists
  • Bonus: Winners Circle Success + MORE!


We Will Give Up Some Tricks of the Trade

We Give Up All Kinds of Tricks of the Trade Coming from a Media Professional, let me tell you What & Why you need to do certain things. Be sure to put down a Good Shipping Address! We are known to ship Tools & Gifts in the mail!


Price: $199

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Upcomin Classes

“Wow, what an eye opener the  Bower Media Racer Marketing Class has been! I’ve been racing for 7 years, 4 of which professionally and I thought I knew most of what there  was to know about marketing my race team. I was hesitant at first, but knowing Charlene,  and how  thorough and professional that she is, I was confident that there  would be a lot to learn from her and her many years in the industry. It turns out that I was right! I would suggest this class for any level of racer that is interested in taking their race team to the next level!”  – Brian B.

I took this class while traveling 75 MPH in the big rig on our way to the national race. Your awesome! This is really going to help our team!  – John R.

The class has been chalked full of good info. Thanks again for offering such a class. – Carl L.

Thanks for putting on a class to teach us! I now know I have written proposals wrong:)  It did help!  I can’t wait for next week. Being a female in this racing world is fun and a little challenging.  It was good feed back for sure. – Pamela H.

Thank you for doing this, it’s less scary now 🙂 – Laurie P.

Thanks for the presentation, it was very beneficial! – Michael B.


Meet Your Instructor

Meet your Instructor: Charlene Bower

Charlene BowerServing Offroad Enthusiast since 1994, Charlene Bower has worked daily for the last five + years adjusting to the on & off road media as the owner of Bower Motorsports Media. While managing the drastically changing media environment, she has worked with many leading racers representing sponsors. A few years back she gave her first ‘Create Your Own Media’ seminar that became talked about by many (some teams have executed to grand successes!). When she stopped traveling to the races as frequently as before, the ability to transfer the information diminished.  “When I walked the start line at King of the Hammers this year and over half of the drivers had their window nets covering their door panels aka their sponsors, I started to twitch and knew that I hadn’t touched those racers.” It was clear at that moment that there needed to be a solution to bring the classes back. She has currently released a series of Live Webinars & Workshops with different topics – all related to Sponsorship, Media & Marketing between Racers, Companies and Events.  “Todays game is completely different from even a couple years ago.  It’s your job as a racer to go fast, take chances, look pretty and talk well. It is our job to help you take your successes (and even the races that didn’t turn out so well) into a good media opportunity. We work at this everyday…it’s time for me to tell you everything I know!”